Many years ago in the early 21st century, there was a raging battle going on between the Eckerdites and the Walgreenites over control of the universe, or at least the drug business in what was then known as America, i.e., "Clinton Country????? The battle moved into the private lives of many citizens of this antiquated so-called convenience-food society, especially as the CVSites moved into the arena from the north to pick up the spoils of war that the main protagonists left for scraps. Discounts were offered, even family photos; and vicious "we will not be undersold" campaigns were undertaken. With the entry of the CVSites into the battle came increased espionage as a result of their unique capacity to alter the perspective of the inhabitants of such an archaic world by devious means involving a process called ‘discount/lack of service mentality enforcement’.

Walgreenites, being distinctly different from the Eckerdites, (not having the Eckerd psychological viewpoint), would have special mental surgery performed by their CVSite allies on the psyche of certain numbers of disposable individuals in their ranks and then have them secretly infiltrated into the Eckerd ranks. Storebags containing daily receipts began to arrive at the corporate office in disarray, employees at stores would act belligerently when queried about lost sales figures, receipts would mysteriously disappear. The Eckerdite leaders were at a loss as to what to do. New young managers were hired with fresh viewpoints but they were quickly subdued by the ingenious Walgreenite subterfuges. They often became highly suspect as Walgreenite implants. Citizens of EckerdAmerica became highly suspicious of one another - constantly and bitterly complaining of sabotage at every turn. Any change, anyone or anything new became in their minds a Walgreenite intrusion or a CVSite plot.

Could there be one individual out there that Eckerdites could trust to bring the EckerdAmerica community out of its panic and chaos? Was there such a one who was strong and dumb enough to take on such a self-destructive task?? He (or she???) would have to be temporary, necessarily going down in flames in the heroic endeavor of rescue, willing to self-destruct. So out of the chaos was born the concept and search for Tempman!!!!


Tempman, as he became later known, even unto himself, came on board as himself, unbeknownst of his own secret identity and role as Tempman. He had little if any understanding of the raging conflict within EckerdAmerica and without. Naïve yet experienced, nearly a full-fledged senior citizen (for those days = 65 earth years); foolish enough in his work habits to show up for work on time after a one hour bus ride each morning, hardly ever absent - always looking to do extra work, laboring until it was time to walk back to the bus stop that evening. Immediately he became suspect by many Eckerdite citizens of being a saboteur. Yet at the same time he became the focus of attention whenever extra work needed to be entrusted to someone who was detail oriented and reliable. His flamboyant, energetic and ‘immature’ personality should have been perceived as a typical Walgreenite trait; but because of his work ethic it was not only overlooked, but tolerated even encouraged from time to time as an Eckerdite anomaly. Tempman’s first set of tasks were simple and basic. After a short while, his penchant for organization and hardwork took over and things became streamlined, systems around him were organized and as a result he was counseled to accept lower pay as a full fledged Eckerdite or move on to a larger project of far greater risk and responsibility and keep his economic but temporary status in EckerdAmerica intact for the moment, (until further offers of demotion were made or he was suddenly terminated). Now begins the unveiling of Tempman to the Eckerdite world and to himself - for Tempman indeed did accept the promotion to same economic status yet greater risk and responsibility and had his first insight into his role as Tempman.


Tempman was partially uncloaked to EckerdAmerica and to himself when he was ordered to work alongside certain fellow Eckerdite’s - full fledged ones - as a coordinator in order to earn their respect and move on in his new responsibilities, essentially by becoming just like them. No more possible than for a Walgreenite to defect to EckerdAmerica!!! It was instantly discovered by the surrounding Eckerdite tribes that there was a stranger in their midst. Loquacity, a strong point for Tempman, was absolutely forbidden for all except the senior most Eckerdites on account of their self-perceived wisdom and power, (a self-inflicted disease caused by a Walgreenite/CVSite catalytic agent periodically inserted into the Eckerdite workplace to lower productivity). Thus, Tempman was quickly and openly castigated and banished from the local tribes for his ‘offensiveness’. Young Tribal Leader, ‘Tallman’, also Tempman’s immediate chieftain was however quick to dull the sharp edged rebuke of fellow tribesmen by attributing this abrupt rejection and expulsion of Tempman to his stentorian voice which was perceived to have unusually high carrying qualities so it could be heard throughout the Eckerdite land - a deep offense to EckerdAmerica for a non-tribesman to be heard so clearly in what he had to say, without seniority. So Tempman’s voice was perceived to carry across too many mini-cells occupied by the Eckerdites of nearby tribes - thus disturbing their lifestyles. So it was agreed that Tempman was to be exiled to the high plains regions where there might be friendlier tribesman and women who did not take such offense to his voice - living in an open area, not confined to mini-celled dwellings in the valley of cubes from which he was expelled.


For a short while, Tempman was made to feel at home in the high plains region of EckerdAmerica.

He enjoyed his newly created gong ceremony performed on one of the local giant ‘steel trees’ to celebrate his new freedom of self-expression. Hardly a muffled ‘gong’ was heard way back in mini-cell land of EckerdAmerica in the valley of the cubes. Local plains tribesman and women enjoyed Tempman’s self-expression, opened up to him with encouragement, even assisted with his appointed tasks, although under the leadership of another chieftain who ruled from a distant land in the valley of the cubes. Some of the plainsmen occasionally perceived of him as one of their own tribe - although his religion was quite radically different from their multiplicity of religious ideas:

But trouble from the inhabitants of the valley of the cubes was on the horizon and coming over the hill very quickly - even on that first day on the plains. Tribesmen and women from the valley of the cubes came to work in the high plains region every day. It was Tempman’s job, in spite of his exile, to coordinate their work with the high plains people and implement improvements in the workplace so that both tribes could function more efficiently. The first major offense of the day came when Tempman had the effrontery to openly and directly query a senior tribesman from Tallman’s tribe - asking for an opinion about a proposed improvement in the highplains workplace. The cubeman immediately took offense, responding as if being personally attacked, (a Walgreenite tactic - probably as a result of the catalytic agent sabotage), and went to ChieftainTallman to have Tempman banished from EckerdAmerica altogether. Tempman was admonished to keep a respectable distance from senior tribesmen, potentially dulling his capacity to provide improvements in the high plains area because feedback & cooperation from tribesman was necessary in the process of providing legitimate improvements. But Tempman persisted, encouraged by the positive feedback from the plainstribespeople. As his changes began to take shape, personal attacks from the valley of the cubes became more frequent and personal; but Chieftain Tallman permitted Tempman to continue although each step was under careful scrutiny and open to immediate cancellation. Production was dramatically improved as complaints increased - a Walgreenite tactic. Finally, stage one of Tempman’s improvement plan was completed and as an added bonus, he provided better wheels for the chariots being used by both tribal systems - to the temporary delight of all concerned, much like a sugar fix that does not cover over the undercurrent of hatred for too long from those of the valley of the cubes. So stage 1 was completed not without a lot of controversy, bitterness, complaints and including outright and bold betrayal resulting in the dismantling of Tempman’s already limited powers to perform his work - in which a vote was held by the tribes of the valley of the cubes which resulted in a resounding ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in his position as Coordinator.


{short description of image}

Nevertheless stage one went according to plan benefiting all concerned, including his dire enemies. Tempman was relegated thereafter to proceed with his duties non compos mentus and with a self-imposed gag order so as not to further disrupt his already weakened position and plans for improvement. Stage 2 began innocently - as new equipment arrived and was begun to be assembled - until the cliffs on the far side of the plains were restructured by Tempman to provide a far more accessible route to the work at hand. {short description of image}

Then what erupted would have made Mt. Vesuvious look like a campfire. You would have thought that the firstborn of every mother was demanded in sacrifice.......

Cubetribesmen from EckerdAmerica were asked to reach a little higher in order to help all Eckerdites in the battle at hand. They instead openly rebelled to defeat Tempman in this final battle using the previously hidden weapons implanted everywhere in EckerdAmerica by their enemies: tallstories, acrimonious complaints, temper tantrums and threats of bringing the great god OSHA down from his mountain.

This began the final downfall of Tempman and his total failure to rescue Eckerdites from the clutches of the so-called Walgreenites. His first major project so watered down that Travel Agencies began to bid for packaged trips to the newly formed Temp Falls of EckerdAmerica. But so true the adage of the Peanuts comic strip: we have met the enemy [at Eckerd] and he is us. So, just short of completion of the final stage of Tempman’s first major project he can be seen riding along with Alan Ladd

at the end of his escapade as Shane - but this time without anyone saying, "T man come back……………"

See ya! Goin back to my friends in the ocean: